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Heart Centered Living

Our hearts have a magnetic resonance that is 5000 times greater than the brain! What does that even mean!? So many of us get stuck in our thoughts before we even attempt the first step in reaching our goals. We manifest a reality of limitations because we do not see outside the boundaries we have created for ourselves. The heart center is connected to every layer of our etheric body. Specifically, when it comes to weight loss, the heart has the ultimate power to attract (like a magnet) the outcome we desire. Now I do not like to use the words “Weight Loss”. I just have the image in my head of lost lonely pounds of fat running around looking to reunite with us at some point. But what about releasing the weight? Excess fat on our bodies can be linked to emotions. We can put on more weight to help protect us and make us feel less vulnerable.

Years ago, my own journey began with the intention of losing weight rather than getting healthy. I noticed that it was a roller coaster ride of events that were linked to my emotional state rather than my body being a chemistry set. I thought just changing the food I ate, and exercising would help me lose the weight for good. Boy was I wrong. I had not dealt with or even acknowledged my emotional center. My heart! Because I was an emotional eater, I had programmed feelings of guilt, low self-worth, and many other negative emotions while eating. These negative thoughts stored in my fat cells that were hanging on for dear life! When I came across the notion of releasing my weight, it was more about releasing the emotional programming.

Exercise is an effective catalyst for getting the engines firing for moving and burning stagnant energy. While rebuilding the foundations of my body, I also had to rebuild my emotional foundations. Many times, while exercising, I noticed old trauma and insecurities rise to the surface as I was releasing weight. This was because my protection was melting away. What an opportunity to acknowledge those emotions that I didn’t even know were there. It is only when we acknowledge and accept what has been holding us back can we truly transform and change it. I welcomed the emotional and physical pain because I knew it was only a temporary feeling that allowed me the power to heal. The weight is just a symptom. Dive into the core of your emotions to help assist and maintain the newly transformed you that is waiting inside!

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