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Developing Your Intuition Workshop Retreat 

We have all experienced deja vu.   We have all felt something so strongly that we knew it had to be truth.  This is your intuition.  You were born with it.  And whether you use it in your every day life, or if it is dormant within you, it is a very integral part of your being.  In this workshop we learn how to tap into your intuition and bring it to the forefront with specific proven exercises.  Intuition is just like any muscle in that it gets stronger by working it out. 

*price is determined on length of workshop and location

Green Plant

Private Intuitive Consultation

Our subconscious is constantly operating in the background and has a tremendous affect on our health and wellness, and overall life.  An intuitive consultation dives into the subconscious or ethereal realms to bring forth answers to our every day lives.

$75 / 30 minutes

$130 / 1 hour

Customized Health and Wellness Consultation

You will save an abundance of time and money with this one time 75 minute consultation that gives you all the tools to nutritional self sufficiency, training your body in a safe and effective manner, and processing your emotional baggage.  Take notes during the session and use them as a blueprint moving forward in life and on your health and wellness journey.


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