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Oil Pulling for Dental Health

Bad breath

Bad breath. We have all had someone talking close to our face with less than pleasant breath. And we are all too polite to point out the mouth funk as we politely nod our heads listening to them, wishing they would stand a bit further back, all the while holding our own breath. And then we fear, “Damn I might have bad breath too!” as we scurry away checking our own status.

It is estimated that 50 million people in the United States have bad breath or “chronic halitosis.” Bad breath can be caused by a myriad of factors such as odorous foods, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, health problems, dry mouth, oral infections, dental problems, or medications. The best recommended remedies for bad breath are avoiding foods that cause odor, correcting dental hygiene, quitting smoking, and drinking plenty of fluids.

In terms of dental hygiene, many doctors recommend brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. However, most brands of toothpaste contain fluoride, which is toxic to humans (companies will swear there is not enough fluoride in their products to harm you, but why risk it?). A lot of mouthwashes also contain unpleasant substances, which is why you should not swallow mouthwash. And many people avoid flossing because it irritates their gums. Fear not. Arguably the best natural remedy for great dental health is to oil pull. Oil pulling is an ancient remedy that whitens teeth, freshens breath, and greatly improves oral health. I recommend using coconut oil, but any oil should suffice. The procedure for oil pulling is as such:

Oil pulling

-Put a spoonful of oil in your mouth

-Swish it around for 20 minutes and make sure to get all your gums and in between your teeth

-After 20 minutes, spit the oil into the trash (do not spit it down the drain as your drain can become clogged over time)

-Brush your teeth with baking soda, or fluoride-free toothpaste

And voila! There you have it! The oil has a high viscosity and gets in all the nooks and crannies of the mouth. As the oil is spat out, it takes all the bad bacteria with it, essentially detoxifying the mouth. Also, if you have any type of sores or cuts in your mouth, I would also suggest gargling with salt water in addition to the oil pull. The salt water should kill off any lingering bacteria and accelerate the healing process of any sores.

Dental hygiene is more important than we realize. Many health practitioners are now connecting the link between illness and dental hygiene. The mouth can be a haven for bad bacteria. Over time, this bacteria can make its way down into the rest of the body and settle in organs causing all types of issues and diseases. Particularly anybody that has ever had a root canal, had their wisdom teeth pulled, or has had any type of cavitation in their gums should make oil pulling a normal part of their routine. Those cavitations are storage sites for all types of bad bacteria that can cause damage in the rest of the body later on. So set aside time twice a week to oil pull for 20 minutes. Keep the breath fresh. Keep the health good.

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