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Mon, Oct 02


2023 Autumn Digital Series

2023 Autumn Digital Series
2023 Autumn Digital Series

Time & Location

Oct 02, 12:00 AM – Dec 15, 11:50 PM

About The Event

Sweat and release those endorphins with a variety of workouts dedicated to sculpting the body into its healthiest state.  The 2022 Fall Digital Series reaches into the iFit Club vault to bring forth some of our most effective and fun workouts to give you 30 sessions spread out over 10 weeks.  The workouts are put in a specific order to build on one another in a progressive format for steady improvement.  Password protected workouts are released  via the website and are up for a 48 hour time span.

*workouts are catered towards intermediate to advanced people; workouts are not recommended for beginners or people with very minimal fitness experience


When:  October 2 - December 15 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (workouts released the night before)

Where:  Online via

Requirements: Dumbbells.  It is recommended you have a couple of sets of dumbbells for different resistance depending on the body part being worked.  Resistance Bands with handles.  Hoop Bands (for leg strengthening). 

Cost:  330 + tax

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these new workouts?

These are workouts already in the database.  Brand new workouts will be out for the Winter Series.

How many workouts this series?


Are the workouts very intense?  I'm kinda nervous about them.

Destroying people in exercise to the point they throw up and are sore for a week is neither productive nor an effective fitness tool for developing the body.  The workouts are specifically meant to be challenging, but doable.  And there is intensity fluctuation from workout to workout.  Athletes and common people alike can get value in the series.

Do the workouts change or are they mostly the same format?

They change quite drastically, outside of the warmup sequence.  Those who attend our physical bootcamps know of the variety we offer.  So if you're expecting a stringent pattern you'll be disappointed.  If you like that workouts change up from session to session this is for you.

What ages are the workouts for?

Teenagers with some strength training experience all the way up until adults who still have the  physical capacity to train at this level.  We have some people in their 60s who participate in iFit Club physical bootcamps.

How will we receive the workouts?

Workouts will be emailed with a password to access them.

Can we download the workouts?

At this time no.  But each workout will be posted for 48 hours.

Why do I not recognize any of the music?

We are not allowed to use licensed music in fitness videos, so Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Gaga etc. are out of the question.





  • 2023 Autumn Digital


    330 + tax






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